7th graders…

It’s 4:24 pm and I’m sitting outside of my local Starbucks. About half an hour ago, a group of 8 or so teenagers (I think they’re 7th graders) came and gathered around the table where I’m sitting. They’re SO loud, you guys. SO loud. I feel like I shouldn’t post this.. I’m not being mean or making fun of them.. it’s just so interesting to hear what 7th graders talk about these days.. I mean, sex-ed was a part of my life too, once upon a long time ago..

Things they said:

“Love you, Ruby! (then, to someone else, about Ruby): “She’s 14 today!”

“We started sex ed today.”

“You coming to my bat mitzvah? We might have a pool party. I really need to celebrate.”

Friend 1: “You mad at me?”

Friend 2: “No!”

“I had a debate with her in English class today. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

“Where is my mother?!?”

“You guys obviously know I love everyone!”

Friend 1: “OH MY GOD!” (said while looking at her phone)

Friend 2: “What?”

Friend 1: “She met her!” (probably referring to someone meeting a celebrity)

And my favorite, “I’m going to be Mary Poppins for Halloween”

Oh, 7th graders… ❤


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