Chronic pain is..

Chronic pain is sitting at a table before your job interview with your head in your hands because it hurts so much.

Chronic pain is making plans to go out with a friend, but then canceling an hour and a half before you have to leave your house because the thought of driving across LA in rush hour traffic and having to turn your neck when changing lanes makes you queasy.

Chronic pain is being at Costco with your Mom and having to ask one of the employees for a Dixie cup so you can go to the water fountain and get water and take a Tynenol because a headache is more like a HEADACHE.

Chronic pain is wanting to sometimes just lay down and think about how much it hurts.

Chronic pain is bursting into tears before getting a massage because you’re so tired and there are so many things you have to do but you’re in so much pain and don’t want to do any of them 😦

Chronic pain is unintentionally losing a lot of weight, because it’s hard to eat when you don’t feel so great.

Chronic pain is being tired ALL the time, like literally, ALL the time.

Chronic pain is trying anything, and I mean anything, to lessen your pain. Physical therapy? Chiropractor? Painkillers? Heating pad? Naps? Check, check, check, check, check.

Chronic pain is being awake at 3 am because you can’t sleep and then eventually falling asleep.. only to wake up and still be in pain.

Chronic pain is knowing that you can take care of yourself, no matter what.

Chronic pain is knowing that it’s necessary to take it easy on yourself… even if that’s hard to do.

***I am not writing this post to complain or to be whiny. Chronic pain is really difficult to manage, and it can be so exhausting. I know I’m probably not alone.. and other people deal with chronic pain too. I just wanted to share my experience.


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