Dear Diary….

I vividly remember the warm Spring day in third grade when we learned how to write in cursive. After a mere ten minutes of learning how to write the letters A-L in cursive, I turned to my friend who was sitting next to me and burst into tears. I was sure that I would never master this foreign concept. I remember my teacher made a comment that we would have to write in cursive next year: the dreaded fourth grade, where students did reports on state birds and learned about the California missions and had daily homework assignments. The horror. Do you know how many times I write in cursive as a twenty two year old? Zero times. But I came across an old diary of mine (I wrote in this diary in 2003, so I was 10 years old) and it’s all written in cursive. It’s very hard to read, but I thought it would be fun to share some of what I had written.

May 29th, 2003:

“I just came back from Open House. In the morning, Mrs. Smith* announced the winners for the science fair. Guess who won? Well, a lot of people won. But, Susan, my sister won!”

An entry from later that same day…

“Well Diary, it is 8:51 pm. So, Bye. Later, Alligator.”

May 30 2003

“Dear Baby Doll, (edited to add: I had recently named by diary Baby Doll.) you got your name because whenever I feel bad or am sick, Susan (7 years old) calls me ‘Baby Doll’ Silly, huh?”

June 1, 2003

“Dear Baby Doll,

Today is the first day of June, cool huh? Woah, last night, I do not know what time I slept? Really, I don’t know! Anyways, my grandma yesterday and today she bought a bag full of candy. We got to pick any 2 kind. But yesterday, my older sister did not get any so my grandma said she could pick 2, but she only took 1”

June 2, 2003

“Dear Baby Doll, um oh yeah let me tell you all about yesterday. Well, first we went to Target.But then after Target, we went to Albertson’s. Then we went home, sweet home.”

June 3, 2003

“Dear Diary,

Today my class went on a field trip to Olvera Street. It was super, super fun. I bought harmonica=myself, fake rose=Mom, mini sombrero for decoration (Dad), a wallet (Grandma), a purse (Susan). I am going to go now. Bye. P.S. we took cars to the station in Chatsworth and then we took the MetroLink. Bye Baby Doll. Don’t forget you’re my Baby Doll.”

*name has been changed


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