An Ode to Lizzie McGuire.

I’m 23 years old, but I have no shame in admitting that I am a HUGE Lizzie McGuire fan. If Lizzie was running for president in 2016, I would be ALL in for that. Unfortunately though, she’s a fictional TV character whose hit show of the same name didn’t have nearly enough episodes to get us through the awkward, pre-puberty days of middle school. You know, the days when you had so much trouble opening your locker, you had to ask the history teacher who taught next door to your locker, to help you? Oh, you were able to open your locker with no trouble? Nevermind. Wrong story.

Lizzie McGuire was a good daughter and a great friend. She was always there for you, in her cute hip hugger jeans and her pastel, flowy tops. She was just like us- her brother made her cry, she planned her outfits over the phone with her best girl friend, Miranda, and she had a crush on the cutest boy in her grade. She had book reports to write and embarrassing parents, whom she loved. I wish she was real and that we could be friends, but I guess, life just isn’t always fair.

A list of really cool things that Lizzie McGuire did:

-She told Ethan Craft she liked him. It can be hard to tell someone how you feel about them and Lizzie did it! Go, Lizzie! Although Ethan didn’t feel the same way about her, she eventually moved on…

-She went to Italy on a school trip after graduating from the 8th grade and pretended to be an international super star. You know, casual summer vacation.

-She told everyone she had broken the school’s statue so the school dance wouldn’t be cancelled, even though Kate was actually the one who broke the statue. LIzzie wasn’t able to go to the dance, but all was well because Lizzie has good friends who brought the dance to her.

-She stood up to her brother’s bully after spending the whole day in handcuffs with him.

-And dozens of other things that would take much too long to list. As the cool kids would say, “You rock, Lizzie McGuire. Don’t ever change.”

In honor of the great Lizzie McGuire, I’ve decided to share my favorite Lizzie GIFs. Also- I hope that I don’t get sued for using these images. I did research beforehand and apparently, it’s OK to share GIFS in a blog post, thanks to the doctrine of “Fair Use.” LOL- but I really don’t want to get sued.


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