It’s 7:27 pm on a Tuesday night and I have absolutely no plans, other than to watch Gilmore Girls. I had to go to the grocery store a little while ago to get something for my older sister, and before I even stepped into the store, I was already thinking about how badly I wanted to get home to continue watching Gilmore Girls. I started watching the show months ago. I’m on the final season now, Season 7. I think I have about fifteen episodes left until I’m done. I haven’t binge-watched show since Parenthood over the summer. If you’ve never watched Parenthood, you should. It’s so good. It’s about a family of two adult brothers and two adult sisters who are very close and who now have their own families. That description doesn’t do the show any justice, but the acting is phenomenal and the show is really well written too. I’ve had a lot of free time this past year, and while the year is almost over, I’m trying to make the most of this free time since I will probably be busy next year, as a grad student.

I don’t think I’ve written about how different the last year has been. I’m sure many of you already know, but I decided to take a gap year this year. I graduated from college last June (June 2015). I had only gotten accepted into one graduate school program last year (a school in Northern California, about thirty minutes from San Francisco) and after visiting the school and getting a chance to meet with current students and faculty members at the interview weekend, I ultimately decided that the school was not a good fit for me. So, there I was in June, okay, there I was June through August, binge watching Parenthood, and not really knowing what my plan was. Ok, that’s not technically true. I am a bona fide planner. I love planners and calendars and to-do lists and knowing what I’m going to do today and tomorrow and the next day and next month and next Fall, but I know that life doesn’t work that way. Even if I made a list of things I wanted to get done next week, there are going to be things that happen that I didn’t plan for. So, this summer, although I didn’t have a concrete plan of what the next year of my life was going to look like, I had a general idea of what I wanted to do. I took the general GRE (the Graduate Record Examination, a graduate school admissions exam) in late September and the psych GRE in late October. My plan was to gain valuable work and volunteer experience and to reapply to grad schools in 2016, which meant that I would have lived with my parents for two years before going back to school. While my living situation wasn’t ideal, it’s very nice to not have to pay for groceries or to do your laundry.  But things change and my timeline shifted. This past October, I found myself deciding to apply to grad school. I didn’t have that much time as applications were due by December 15th. I had to submit transcripts from ALL of the schools I attended. Because I had taken classes at local community colleges as well as a summer class at UCLA, I had to order transcripts from all of those schools. I also had to send my GRE scores, write an admissions essay (which multiple graduate students/former TA’s read), revise my admissions essay, fill out the actual online application, and of course, pay for the application. The whole process is very time consuming and also can be costly because you are paying to send transcripts and GRE scores as well as paying for each application that you submit. Somehow, I got everything completed by December 15th. And then it’s the waiting game… or if you’re me, the checking your email 35 times before noon every day to see if there are any changes to your application status game (i.e. to see if there is anything missing from your application file or to see if your application has already been reviewed, or of course, to see if you’ve been selected for an interview).

So, although I didn’t have as much free time when I was applying to graduate schools, the free time I have now is really, really nice and is most definitely treasured. I feel like I went on a tangent on this post and I was thisclose to not even publishing this, but I’m trying to remind myself that as the sole writer on this blog, I can post literally anything and it’ll be ok. Obviously, I’m not going to type random letters and numbers and call that a post (hhgidfgidf675903bgifbd). Just testing you. Don’t worry, I won’t do that again. I won’t want to be scared of posting something because I’m not sure if it’s “good enough” or “well written” or what people will want to read.

Anyway, I’m going to go see what Lorelai and Rory are up to. I haven’t seen them in a while 😉 Hope everyone has a restful Tuesday night 🙂


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