Hooray- it’s the weekend!!!!

Every morning, my alarm goes off at 6:15. I press snooze on that alarm and the next 3 or 4 alarms, because let’s be honest, I’m not a fan of getting up that early. I used to not like to sleep in because I would feel guilty about wasting my day and being lazy but I’ve definitely gotten over that this year. I do eventually throw aside my covers and hop out of bed, okay, more like slowly get out of bed. I have to be at work early every morning, so I can’t afford to be late. BUT, fortunately, for most of us working Americans, Saturdays and Sundays are our days to relax, sleep in, spend time with loved ones, go out for the day, etc. I love the feeling that a Saturday morning brings, the possibility to do anything you want all day. I’m going to the beach with my sister tomorrow. It’ll be the first beach trip of the summer. Even though the first day of summer isn’t until Monday, it already feels like summer, especially with how hot it’ll be this weekend. Aside from going to the beach, I have to (nicely) throw something together for Father’s Day. It’s also my Mom’s birthday on Monday, so I have to pick out a gift for her as well. Speaking of things I need to buy, I’ve been wanting to get a gel manicure for SO long but I’ve been holding back. I’ve only gotten a gel manicure once before. It was $25 which I know might seem a lot for a manicure, but it didn’t chip at all! I was surprised that it stayed on so well. I’ve been trying not to feel guilty when I spend money on things for myself, like a massage or a manicure, but I’ve been saving up my paychecks because I know in just a few, short months, I’ll be a broke graduate student. But I think spending in moderation is okay. It’s not like I’m going to go on a major shopping spree and spend on all my savings. Although, if someone gives me money to go on a shopping spree… well, that’s another story. Okay, I’m getting way off tangent here. On Sunday, I might work on a scarf that I’ve been making. I thought a fun way to make some money would be to sell handmade scarfs. I learned how to make an infinity scarf on a loom ( a circular or rectangular object used for knitting, used instead of knitting). Loom knitting is a lot faster than knitting with needles. I’ve already made one scarf and it only took me two days to do it! Hopefully this next scarf turns out just as nice. I know, I know, knitting sounds like such a boring thing to do, especially on a weekend. It’s honestly so relaxing for me though. I get so focused on it, especially because the scarf I’m doing is made up of two different stitches that alternate, so I have to pay attention to what stitch comes next. Because I’ve been knitting so much lately, I’ve been spending way too much time at Michaels. But is there even such a thing as TOO much time at Michaels? I don’t think so. It’s one of those stores that I love to just browse. I always feel inspired and creative after I walk out.

All this talk about knitting and Michaels is making me want to get back to my knitting. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. What are your plans? Let me know in the comments!



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