It’s mid June and I have no idea where I’m living next year. I mean, I know I’m living on the East Coast in the DC area, but that’s pretty much it. Ok, I know a bit more than that and I do know what city I would like to live in, but I have no apartment yet. *Tries really hard to stay calm* I am most likely going to be living with two other ladies who are also going to be attending my graduate school. I am hoping to sign a lease on an apartment by next month. And then I’ll have t ship my clothes, shoes, and other misc items. I think I’ll have to buy a bed and other furniture for my apartment when I get to DC. I’m going to take basic toiletries with me, but I will probably have to purchase other, larger items (like shampoo and conditioner and toilet paper- hey, I’m just keeping it real) when I get there. I’ll also have to get bedding, school supplies, and maybe sweaters and coats. I’m hoping I can just get my sweaters and coats there. I’m also not even going to think about any of my items getting lost in the mail because OMG that would be really bad. I know, I know, there are much, much bigger issues in the world right now. I had actually started a blog post about the shooting in Orlando that happened this week, but I decided not to publish it. I thought it sounded very similar to something I’ve already written earlier.. but although the world feels dreary and awful right now, I’m trying to keep this post upbeat. And I am so, so excited to be moving to DC. I honestly sometimes feel like it’s not real. It’s very surreal. A year ago today, I had already moved back home and I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do with my life. I had no job and no plan, but I did have a goal. It’s just amazing what can happen in a year, so much can change.

While I get ready to move, I’ve also been staying home a lot. I don’t go out much anyway, but I’ve been knitting and reading and watching How to Get Away with Murder (I highly recommend, btw. It’s so good!) lately. My grandma broke her hip about two months ago and she needs help getting around the house. I help her use the restroom, take her medicine, and give her her meals. I’d like to go out more though, but sometimes it’s not possible if I have to be at home to help her. I’ve been thinking though about how different next year will be. I love my family so much and living at home is okay (after a long adjustment period, lol) but it’s going to be so strange to be all on my own again next year. I l lived on campus when I went to college, so I did have a taste of what living on my own is like, but I’m moving to another state! I’ll be doing my own laundry and cooking my own meals and juggling my classes and friendships and possibly a part-time job. I’m planning on applying to jobs once I get to the DC area, which is why I actually want to try to get there a few days before new student orientation. I want to take a few days to get myself settled in. I didn’t buy my plane ticket yet because it’s too early. I’m excited for the new year and the fresh start, even though I’m sure school will be overwhelming and there will probably be many moments where I doubt my abilities or feel buried under the weight of my stressors, but if I learned anything this year, it’s that things don’t stay unbearable and difficult forever. Things change, and isn’t that a wonderful thing?

Also- for your enjoyment, a few GIFS to demonstrate how excited I am about moving to DC/starting my grad program:


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