East Coast Living!

Hey everyone! It’s been so long since I last posted. It’s 8:40 am on a Tuesday. I’ve already had breakfast and gotten ready for the day, and while I should be heading off to the library to get some schoolwork done, I wanted to write on my blog! I’ve truly missed it.

I don’t have class until 12:30 pm today but because I take the bus and the metro, I would have to leave by 11:00 am. I give myself a ton of time to get there, just in case. I don’t want to be late! I also like to get on campus 15-20 minutes before class starts, lol.

I have a 45 minute bus and metro commute to school which isn’t bad at all BUT I am not on the bus and metro for that 45 minutes. I used Google Maps when I was first mapping out my route and it calculates the time that you are waiting for the bus and the metro too as well as time spent walking to your destination, which is nice.

I’m currently living on the East Coast. I moved out here to attend my graduate program, so I’ll be here for the next five years or so. I absolutely love living on the East Coast! Everyone has been super friendly and welcoming and I love how much greenery there is! We didn’t have as much greenery on the West Coast, at least I personally didn’t think we did.

In terms of moving here and getting settled in, I finally got my bed assembled from IKEA last night. It was originally supposed to be delivered and assembled on Saturday, and they did deliver the items on Saturday, but one of the pieces of the bed had gone out of stock and I didn’t know. The store hadn’t contacted me to let me know. But everything worked out because I now have a beautiful, black bed with storage drawers on either side. No more sleeping on my mattress on the floor of my bedroom! Woohoo! Now I just have to somehow get my dresser and desk assembled.. One of my roommates has a running joke that I’ll get my desk done by October. I told her, “Hey, I’m happy if it gets done before winter break.” LOL.

This blog post isn’t organized very well.. but I’ve also had several job interviews in the last week and a half. I actually am waiting to hear back about a seasonal posiiton I applied for at Michael’s craft store. For someone who is as obsessed with crafting as I am, it’s the DREAM JOB. And there is an employee discount. There is a God. I’m supposed to be on a really tight budget, especially now that I’m not working, but anytime I walk into a Michaels craft store, all self control goes out the window, and before I know it, I’ve filled up a cart with scrapbook paper, washi tape, cardstock, and enough craft supplies to fill a small room. Oh, man. I might have a problem, but hey, admitting you have a problem is the first step, right? Hopefully I get a job soon. I would be so happy just to have some extra spending money.

I think today, I will probably get some reading done before class. Oh, I’m actually going to stop by the on campus library today as well. I’ve heard that they’re hiring and it would be super convenient to work on campus. I’m not sure what I’m doing tonight…. but I do have class tomorrow and I have to get my reading for that class done. Oh, the busy life of a new graduate student.. It is so exciting though! So much to learn! It’s very surreal to think that in five years time, I could be on my way to having my dream career!! Aahhhh!

I promise I’ll blog again soon and my next post will probably be more FUN and less school related!




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